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X-Mas Miami Style

December 23 - 31

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Don’t worry; I am not going to bore anybody with a long report about Christmas with the family so I’ll keep this short. We had decided a while ago to spend Christmas with Anna’s parents and brother Eddie in Miami and hopefully the kids could come as well. However, as it turned out we only could see Tim, who lives in West Palm Beach, so only about 1 hour north of Miami. The girls could not make the time to fly or drive down to Miami from Pittsburgh so we missed them quite a bit.

The trip from Bangkok to Miami was long and we flew via Tokyo Narita and Chicago and finally arrived in Miami on Christmas eve after about 30 hours of travel time. For the next 8 days or so the house was filled with people coming or leaving and it was good to be around people we love.


After the Christmas celebrations and lots and lots of yummy Indian-Jamaican-American food we decided to get out of the house for a couple of days, so we packed twelve of us into 3 cars and drove down to Key West, one of our favorite hangouts spots close to Miami. Fortunately we could use some of our hotel points for three rooms in the Sheraton in Key West, which is a really nice property not too far from downtown Key West. It was nice and warm and we went out in the evening to have some seafood downtown.


Unfortunately, something must have been wrong with the food and Anna felt terrible the next day. We originally were planning to rent a boat for the afternoon but the prices were a bit steep so we decided to just do a little sightseeing on one of the historic tour buses, which was actually quite fun. After an early dinner at the pier we made the 3 hour trip back to Miami. Anna felt a bit better was I was feeling increasingly worse and for the next couple of days was fighting a stomach bug. What are the odds? We’ve travelled in Thailand for the last 4 weeks and have only had minor problems with food and we come to the US and get a major food-related infection.

Anyway, for the rest of our time in Miami we just spent as much time with the family as possible until it was time to get on our flight back to Bangkok, which was another 30 hour or so trip. It was worth it though!

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This Travel Blog has been set up by Anna-Maria and Elmar Kronz and tries to capture our experiences on our round the world (RTW) trip between October 27, 2012 and April 8, 2013. The blog is intended as a means to stay in touch with good friends and family and keep everybody updated as much or as little as you choose. It is not a diary as we will not update this blog daily or attempt to account for every waking minute of our travels.

Besides the occasional rambling about exciting locations, landscapes, cities etc. we will focus on two categories of experiences that we elaborate on in more detail: one, extraordinary culinary experiences (YUMMY) and second, encounters with noteworthy and interesting people (FUNNY) - two of the most interesting things in life according to the Kronz's.

Btw, the title of the blog is a reference to Anthony Bourdain's travel show/blog "No Reservations", who is one of our heroes (making a living traveling and eating). If you haven't seen his show or blog we definitely recommend taking a look at it... Tony's Blog

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